Project Description


Every year 1.6 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown out in Canada alone.

In Calgary, 800,000 disposable cups are thrown out every day. These coffee cups are lined with a polyethylene coating which prevents liquid from seeping through the paper cup, while at the same time, making the cup hard to recycle and unlikely to biodegrade. That’s twenty million trees every year that have been cut down and will not be recycled. Green Cup strives to boost awareness of this growing issue by offering an inexpensive and practical alternative to traditional cups, as well as providing dedicated bins for their disposal. The idea of Emily Bartlett and Austin (Ozzy) Lang, Green Cup is a social-minded enterprise that provides compostable coffee cups to businesses and events, funded by advertising for local businesses printed on the cups. Recent partners include MacEwan University and Absolute Dental Care, along with Waste Management with which Green Cup has collaborated to create designated waste containers for coffee cup disposal and recycling.

To work with Green Cup for advertising or coffee cups please visit us at for more information.

If you are a Mount Royal student that is passionate about joining our team, or just want to learn more about this initiative, please e-mail Green Cup Project Lead, Ozzy Lang, or Rachel Stone.